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1,5、1,8-dinitro naphthalene   1,5、1,8-diamino naphthalene
1,5、1,8-dinitro naphthalene 1,5、1,8-diamino naphthalene
Molecular formula:C10H6N2O4 Molecular formula:C10H10N2
Molecular weight:218 Molecular weight:158
Product brief introduction:The fine naphthalene makes after turn, the revivification through the nitric, being the melting agent, direct, restore, scatter, medium, sulphur dyes and organic pigment of important in the center body, had been be subjected to till domestic and international concern of the market .The series' product species that our company produce is whole, the quantity is excellent, is ideal choice of the domestic and international customer.
Product quality target:
Product range Qualitative index
Content % Melting point°c Moisture %
1,5-dinitronaphthalenes ≥98 \ ≤1
1,8-dinitronaphthalenes ≥99.5 \ ≤0.5
1,5-diamino naphthalene ≥99 198 ≤1
1,8-diamino naphthalene ≥99.5 64 ≤0.5
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